Bicycling with your dog

Dog and Bike - Copenhagen, Danmark

Daily exercise is one of the key fundamentals in our training program. So, we are always looking for ways for our clients to get their dogs the exercise they need. Often a good walk for us barely gets the dog warmed up, roading the dog like we do here with a 4-wheeler isn’t possible for many folks that live in more urban areas, so we often recommend  a bike. It must be done with caution however.

Years ago when we lived in Nebraska, we lived right off a great Rails to Trails bike path that, at the time, went more than 20 miles out through the country side (I think now it crosses the whole state). We would regularly take our dogs out on the trail for good long morning run. Not having any other way to do it, we would just hold the leash in one hand while riding. I no longer recommend this, in fact don’t try this unless you have a helmet and body armor. My 2 year old lab took off after a squirrel, crossed me up and sent me over the handlebars where I landed on my forearms and the side of my head. (No helmet of course). I dragged my bike, dog and myself to a nearby house and scared the owner to death, standing there bleeding. She took me and my dog home where I luckily didn’t die from intracranial bleeding.

The “springer,” a setup to run a dog with you bike is a much safer option. The price seems fairly reasonable and has gotten several good reviews. If you are looking for another way to exercise your dog, this may be something to look into.

Image: Web capture. Dog in Copenhagen.

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