Winter Training (4) – Exercise

Dog Pack Romps in the snow

During the winter when it is snowy and cold it is especially difficult to get out and exercise and train. It’s often dark, cold, and let’s face it, it’s hard to get motivated. Right now it is probably more critical than ever that you get your dog out and exercise. The dog probably spends most of her 24 hour day either curled up keeping warm in the dog house or laid out on the living room floor in front of the heater vent, either way they aren’t getting any exercise or mental stimulation.

It may be tough to go, but just do it. Put the leash on and go for 30 to 45 minutes. When you get back, spend 10 minutes on a training exercise. It will do wonders for your dog, not to mention both your own mental and physical wellbeing. Go do it!

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