Brittany Puppies Born! One Male Available

I wanted to give you the update on the puppies from this weekend. Kenya started laboring around 11:00pm Friday. Over the next five hours she dropped 5 beautiful puppies, four liver and white males, and one orange and white female. We could still feel another pup in her and she kept laboring for several more hours, but had slowed down and was exhausted. The puppy just was not coming, even after a Oxitosin shot to speed up contractions. We rushed her to the vet and had her looked at. She was given even more drugs to help speed up her contractions, but it still was not happening. Eventually, they were pretty certain that the puppy was not alive and two different vets tried to pull it out with no success. They performed a c-section to remove the last pup, a male. He was stuck in the birth canal with his head twisted backwards and one front arm forward. Kenya could have pushed for another year and not gotten the puppy out naturally. It was a very sad deal. Not only did we lose the pup, but Kenya will likely have to have a c-section if I breed her again.

The puppies are doing very well. They are all feeding and the vet said that they looked robust and healthy. They got their tails docked and dew claws removed yesterday. The future chukar slayers are content just sleeping and eating now.

All of the pups were spoken for before they were born, but there is now one male available due to a gentleman dropping out who was set on a female. There is more information about the cross on this blog from about a year ago when she was last bred.

If you are interested in a male, please email or call Nick at 314-954-5424.