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  • Trained German Shorthair for Sale

    Winston the German Shorthair was sent to me to train for a late summer/early fall two month session in 2015. During those two months he was given a minimum of one session a day for six days per week. Each session involved three or more birds. Unfortunately, his owner’s family situation is preventing him from being able to own him any longer. He is 1.5 years old and is a pistol in field. He is a hard core bird dog with a lot of style on his birds. He was trained steady-to-win. He retrieves pretty well also. He was a dog that I knew very quickly would blossom into a nice dog. I always prefer reigning a dog with tons of drive in rather than milking a dog through training that has little bird drive. Winston was and is full of drive, but now he is a refined bird dog.

    We rarely sell trained dogs and when we dog they usually move pretty fast, especially young ones. Whether it is puppies or trained dogs, our biggest concern is that the dog is going to a good home. If you would like to talk more about Winston, please give me a call and answer any questions you may have. -Nick 314-954-5424

    $950 (German Shorthair in Idaho)


  • AKC Field Trial Placement


    We are proud to announce that “Boomer of Kenya” earned a placement¬† in a 14 dog Open Derby stake at the Idaho Brittany Club field trials in Southern Idaho this past weekend. Boomer is from a previous Kenya/Clown cross. He was bred at our kennel and trained last summer. The client wanted a month-long tune up before I ran him, but he had an upper respiratory infection so I only had six days to prepare him. He ran and hunted like a banshee and obviously impressed the judges. He placed 4th. In AKC field trials there are four placements and the rest are not announced. I wonder what he would have gotten had he not gotten sick. There is one more Boomer male pup available and is ready to go home as of today.