• Idaho Bear Hunt Success

    I drew an Idaho bear tag for the western portion of the state this year and got this bruin. After having our twin daughters, bear hunting became something I had to put on the back burner. I’ve bear hunted very seldom since having our daughters. Bird hunting is always priority followed by hound hunting for lions and bobcats. While I can hunt birds and cats near the house, I had to travel at least 2 hours to run bears. Drawing this tag offered me an excuse to spend a long weekend after them. Pictured is Drama the redtick.

  • Brittany Puppies SOLD OUT


    DAM: Karamojo’s Dragon Tattoo JH “Stella”

    Stella is a proven wild bird hunter, AKC hunt test contestant and mother. I have trained puppies of hers for clients from multiple litters. Stella is a pistol in the field and a sweetheart at home. She went for 8 finds in 4 runs (all steady-to-shot) in her AKC hunt tests. Stella was extremely trainable and she passed this on to the puppies I have had the privilege to work with. OFA: GOOD

    SIRE: Karamojo’s Django Unleashed “Django”

    Django is a beautiful roan Brittany who is a son of FC Light Em Up Luke. He is a very calm and well mannered Brittany around the house, but a go-getter in the field. He has proven to be very trainable in all aspects and really hits his birds hard. OFA: Pending

    These pups will go fast.


    Stella Pic6tag_110616-120150

  • Here is a picture of a Brittany we have in for training. Ransom is a 7-month-old Cove Mountain Kennels puppy from my Stella/Cooper cross. We haven’t had him long but he is doing very well. He is a natural retriever, has a solid natural point, is very buddy and is calm when off the field. He will make a great dog.WP_20160521_18_31_25_Pro

  • Gordon Setter Puppies – Pocatello, ID

    A buddy of mine in Pocatello, ID has a litter of Gordon Setter puppies available. They are currently 6 weeks old. They are cute, cute, cute! If you are interested, give him a call – Bill Schafer @ 208-705-3856.

    (These are not Cove Mountain Kennels pups – but I know the dam and think she is a fine dog, great temperament and good bird interest.)

    Gordon Setter Pup

  • Tikka the Lab Doing Very Well in Upland Birddog Training

    Tikka, a black lab who we have for training is doing very well. Flushing dogs need to be trained well to be effective in the field. A flushing dog who is out of control is useless in the field and a major annoyance to the owner and any hunting partners. Tikka is coming along nicely with all commands and is like a wolf when she hits a trail or scent cone.InstagramCapture_0deb303a-30c3-49fb-a69d-837598af2640

  • Trained German Shorthair for Sale

    Winston the German Shorthair was sent to me to train for a late summer/early fall two month session in 2015. During those two months he was given a minimum of one session a day for six days per week. Each session involved three or more birds. Unfortunately, his owner’s family situation is preventing him from being able to own him any longer. He is 1.5 years old and is a pistol in field. He is a hard core bird dog with a lot of style on his birds. He was trained steady-to-win. He retrieves pretty well also. He was a dog that I knew very quickly would blossom into a nice dog. I always prefer reigning a dog with tons of drive in rather than milking a dog through training that has little bird drive. Winston was and is full of drive, but now he is a refined bird dog.

    We rarely sell trained dogs and when we dog they usually move pretty fast, especially young ones. Whether it is puppies or trained dogs, our biggest concern is that the dog is going to a good home. If you would like to talk more about Winston, please give me a call and answer any questions you may have. -Nick 314-954-5424

    $950 (German Shorthair in Idaho)


  • Best way to de-skunk your dog

    Skunk!     I was out feeding the horses last night and I heard Allie, my sweet, loves everyone, 10 year old lab bark, yelp then growl. Then she came running over to me. Sure enough, she just got blasted in the face by a skunk. It’s spring and the amorous male skunks think they own the night. Man I hate skunks. It was late so Allie had to sleep in a crate in the garage, which, since she fully believes that she is a human, she thought was a real slight. She told me with her eyes and low upward tilt of her head.

    Here is the de-skunking recipe I use. It is by far the best I’ve ever found. I mix it up and pour it in either a squeeze water bottle or milk jug by funnel. Then I put the dog in the tub (cold weather) or on the lawn with the hose (warm weather) and pour the solution over them a little at a time and scrub them down and rinse thoroughly. I bathe the dog two to three times. I have found that a double mix is usually enough to do the job. Don’t store the mixture; mix and use fresh.

    1 quart Hydrogen Peroxide
    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1 tsp dish soap