Braque Du Bourbonnais – pointer of a different color

Braque Du Bourbonnais - an uncommon French pointer

I had an opportunity to work with a Braque Du Bourbonnais (pronounced “brock-do-bor-bon-NAY”) this last weekend. This French pointer is an uncommon breed; in a quick web search, I only found four breeders in the US. I guess this is an old breed, which traces back to the Spanish pointer of the 1500’s.

Honestly, I had never heard of this breed before I got a call from the owner. The dog was strikingly different in appearance. He looked like a stocky shorthair with khaki-blond ticking. After reading a bit about the history of the breed I was curious to meet the dog and see it’s hunting instincts.

After spending half a day in the training field with the dog, I was impressed.  He was self-confident without being over bearing, seemed to have a quick aptitude for learning and most importantly, was keen on birds, not noise sensitive, pointed birds and would naturally retrieve. Based on this one dog, I look forward to seeing more of this breed.

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