Brittany Puppies Doing Well

Our puppies are doing well. Sissy’s  are two weeks and Bailey’s are almost 2 weeks. Their eyes opened in the past few days and they are a cute bunch. We breed for hunting/companion dogs but, if I do say so myself, these are some beautiful pups with beautiful markings. I will try to get some better pictures up soon.

We are serious about our breeding and the health of the dams and puppies. In our last six successful breedings over the past few years, we have lost only one puppy and it was due to a C-section. It was not preventable. We take our dams and pups to the vet to get checked and have certified veterinarians dock tails and remove dew claws. We do this because it is what is best and safest for the pups.

If you are interested in securing a spot of a remaining male, or would like to talk Brittanys, contact Nick at 314-954-5424 or We are offering backyard breeder prices on these males but you are getting quality, well taken care of puppies from proven parents. If you would like references from past puppy clients please ask.