Morning Routine

Dogs playing in the yard

Every morning we let the dogs out for exercise and to do their business. (Which is a lucrative one for our kids because we pay a “by the piece” rate for clean up.) The dogs tend to pair up, the two older males play-wrestle and they do it a LOT. This reminds me of my son and nephew, both 5 year olds, when Chris took them on a scout camping trip and all they did was roam around camp and roll in the dust wrestling. They could not keep their hands off each other.  They had a blast. The two younger puppies roll around and play keep away with a stick and the new rescue dog we are trying out plays and checks things out, like he is trying to figure the pack out. This doesn’t take long; he has already gotten the hang of the exercise program every day with the roading set up. Eventually they all end up in or near the kennels waiting for the morning feeding. They get an hour or so to digest then it’s off to the run.

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