Grouse Hunting

Blue Grouse and Brittanys

It’s here, it’s finally here! The opening of grouse season and chukar season is like Christmas for me, and it’s finally here. Forest grouse (Ruffed & blue grouse – now technically Dusky Grouse) opened last weekend and chukar and sage-grouse opened yesterday. We’ve been out three times now and had a great time. The dogs were in good shape and I was pleased with how well they did. I was a little worried about bird numbers since it was so dry this spring and early summer, but they seem to have done pretty well. That said, so far I have had a higher ratio of adult birds to first year birds in the bag, but numbers seem to be pretty good.
I usually wait a month or so to really get after chukars since it is so hot in the low country and can be brutal on the dogs. Instead, I focus on grouse for the first month with a few short chukar hunts sprinkled in for seasoning. I have yet to get a ruffed grouse this week. I checked out a few of my favorite spots, but they have given me the slip. Annie, a little Brittany I am working with, worked one up Friday, but it was so thick I didn’t have a shot. (I think the grouse like it that way.) Yesterday, Arya, a 13 month old brittany I am working with did a fantastic job on blues and came up with a wounded one that had sailed way off. I was ecstatic, especially since it completed my limit.


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