Two Texts: Happy Client and Happy Vet

This top text is from a client who bought a Sissy puppy from us last spring. His dog, Snoop, a Brittany, has been doing great in the field.

The bottom text I got today from our vet, Dr. Steve Haymore from Alpine Animal Hospital in Pocatello. He does our adult dog work and puppy work as well. We choose to have veterinarians take care of our pup’s health needs such as removing dew claws and docking tails. We feel this is the safest option and that our pups are in good hands. The text tells a bit about how we care for our puppies before they go to clients.

We have a litter on the way. Call Nick at 314-954-5424 (or text) if you want to talk Brittany gun dogs. (If you call, follow up with a quick text…Ill be in spotty reception on a hunting trip for a week or so.)

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