Developing your hunting buddy – Taking kids outdoors

Sarah's First Pheasant Hunt

If you want your kids to grow up to be your hunting buddies, you have to start when they are young, not unlike a puppy I guess. Start them out early under the right conditions and they’ll learn to love the outdoors. Their desire to come with me when I go out to hunt or train is a huge reward for me. It makes the cold feet and whining all worthwhile.

This photo of Sarah was quite a few years back. It was her first hunting trip with Dad and she thought it was pretty cool. She was pretty proud of that rooster. We did have to draw the line at her taking it to her room to play with. Sarah is one kid that knows where food really comes from.

Take your kids outdoors with you, a little sacrifice and investment now will pay off big dividends in the future.

Grouse hunting with kids and puppies

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