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    Pointer on scaled quail, New Mexico
    Pointer on scaled quail, New Mexico
    Scaled quail

    My good buddy Bruce invited me to go to New Mexico for the closing week of the scaled quail season. After spending most of the season trying to get my knee healed up after surgery, I was ready for a good bird hunt. The blue quail numbers in New Mexico this year were reported to be really high. Man, were they right! The numbers were as good as advertised. Scaled quail, similar to Gambel’s quail at the end of the season can be hard to hunt because they are very wary and run like little track stars. You have to make sure you have your running shoes on if you are going to get a covey broken to have any kind of pointing dog work. That said, we had a ball and were able to shoot limits several of the days we hunted and come home with our full possession limit. I hunted both my pointer and my lab and had some great dog work. I felt like both did equally well. There were advantages and disadvantages with each hunting style, large running pointer vs. tight working flushing retriever. I am hoping the great state of New Mexico invites us back next year, cause I am planing on it.  -Chris