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  • Brittany Puppies SOLD OUT


    DAM: Karamojo’s Dragon Tattoo JH “Stella”

    Stella is a proven wild bird hunter, AKC hunt test contestant and mother. I have trained puppies of hers for clients from multiple litters. Stella is a pistol in the field and a sweetheart at home. She went for 8 finds in 4 runs (all steady-to-shot) in her AKC hunt tests. Stella was extremely trainable and she passed this on to the puppies I have had the privilege to work with. OFA: GOOD

    SIRE: Karamojo’s Django Unleashed “Django”

    Django is a beautiful roan Brittany who is a son of FC Light Em Up Luke. He is a very calm and well mannered Brittany around the house, but a go-getter in the field. He has proven to be very trainable in all aspects and really hits his birds hard. OFA: Pending

    These pups will go fast.


    Stella Pic6tag_110616-120150

  • Field Champion Sired Brittany Litter Coming Soon

    V__AB9C V__8112SIRE: FC Dogwood’s Rowdy (also Am Field CH) Rowdy is a hard running, hard and high pointing AKC FC and Am Field CH. He is still competing and doing awesome.

    AKC Hunt Test 3-2011 043

    DAM: Kenya Karamojo Bell JH

    Not only has Kenya proven herself in the field on wild birds and in front of AKC judges, but she has thrown some amazing pups. 6 of her pups have been through our training program and have been phenomenal.

    These will be hard pointing, hard running bird finding machines.


    CalL or text Nick at 314-954-5424 for more info or to secure a spot.

    DUE: March 2, 2016.

  • Field Champion Sired Brittany Litter Announcement – CHRISTMAS PUPPIES!

    We are pleased to announce a projected litter of AKC Brittanys. This is a special breeding that we are very excited about. We had six breedings over a period of ten days and are confident Stella will throw a litter. This litter is perfectly timed with pups ready to go to homes right before Christmas and ready for next year’s bird season.


    SIRE: FC 2X RU Staley’s Orange Outlaw Mr. Cooper – “Cooper”
    Cooper is an AKC Field Champion and is still being campaigned on the AKC circuit and is picking up placements. The criteria for earning a Field Champion (FC) title are rigid and very difficult to attain. Not only does Cooper have a phenomenal pedigree, but he has proven himself as a world class birddog on the field trial circuit and hunting field. I chose Cooper as a stud for the following reasons:
    -OFA Excellent
    -Tell leggy build for covering ground
    -Natural retrieve
    -Natural honoring
    -Desire to run and hunt with a bottomless tank
    – Calm at home and in kennel
    -Within breed standard for size

    Cooper is a proven stud dog and has sired many great puppies.

    Stella Pic
    DAM: Karamojo’s Dragon Tattoo JH – “Stella”

    Stella has had two litters and we have had some of our clients bring them back for training and have been impressed. We have two in our kennels now (one as a two-month trainer and the other for a bird season tune-up) and they are doing great. Stella’s exceptional trainability passes to her pups very nicely. She has a hard point, a nice medium range pattern and flat out finds birds. She is a sweetheart off the field and an all-business workaholic in the field. She is calm at home and in the kennel. She has proven herself hunting wild birds with four species of native grouse, Hungarian partridge, chukar, pheasant and quail all under her belt. She has also proven herself in front of AKC judges by going four out of four for her hunt title with high scores and a total of eight finds all of which she held through the shot.

    Both parents are proven on the field and have produced exceptional puppies. The sire is OFA Excellent and the dam is OFA Good for hip dysplasia. Field Champion sired pups are not easy to find. FC sired pups bred to AKC titled dams are even more difficult to find. Let us know if you would like to talk more about this litter or place a deposit. Call or text Nick at 314-954-5424 or email at nickmuckerman@hotmail.com. A $200 deposit holds a pick.

  • Brittany Puppies Doing Well

    Our puppies are doing well. Sissy’s  are two weeks and Bailey’s are almost 2 weeks. Their eyes opened in the past few days and they are a cute bunch. We breed for hunting/companion dogs but, if I do say so myself, these are some beautiful pups with beautiful markings. I will try to get some better pictures up soon.

    We are serious about our breeding and the health of the dams and puppies. In our last six successful breedings over the past few years, we have lost only one puppy and it was due to a C-section. It was not preventable. We take our dams and pups to the vet to get checked and have certified veterinarians dock tails and remove dew claws. We do this because it is what is best and safest for the pups.

    If you are interested in securing a spot of a remaining male, or would like to talk Brittanys, contact Nick at 314-954-5424 or nickmuckerman@hotmail.com. We are offering backyard breeder prices on these males but you are getting quality, well taken care of puppies from proven parents. If you would like references from past puppy clients please ask.


  • American Brittany Puppies For Sale – Males Available

    We are excited to announce two American Brittany litters. PUPPIES WILL BE READY FOR HOMES IN EARLY OCTOBER

    BAILEY/BOOMER – Boomer is a son from my Kenya/Clown cross that I trained and finished in summer of 2014. He was, without a doubt, THE most trainable dog I have ever worked with. He points hard and retrieves well. Bailey, the dam, is one of the nicest dogs to be around. My family is in love with her calm demeanor. She is chilled when not hunting and very gentle. In the field, she hunts hard, finds her birds, and points them with a lot of intensity. Both dogs have quality pedigrees which include multiple FC and DC titles. Bailey had her puppies on 8-13-15. Below are pictures of Boomer and Bailey.

    Fishing and Training July 2014 049DSC00550WP_20150131_09_26_04_Pro

    SISSY/DUKE – Duke is a son out of one of my Kenya/Clown litters and I had the privilege of training him last summer. He is very much like his mother, Kenya. He covers ground fast, points hard and intense and is a pleasure to be around. Sissy is a hard hunting female and has a nice build. She is everybody’s friend. We are excited about these pups. Both dogs have quality pedigrees. Sissy had her puppies on 8-10-15. Below are pictures of Duke and Sissy. SOLD OUT.

    20141018_141524_11933-1 WP_20150609_15_49_49_Pro WP_20150609_15_52_44_Pro


    Both Duke and Boomer were purchased from one of our previous litters and sent back to us for training. I begged the owners not to cut the dogs because I was so impressed with them. I searched long and hard for females of other lines to breed to them and knew very soon after running Bailey and Sissy the first time that I had a great pair. We do not breed all our dogs…only the best and the ones that will truly better the breed. To inquire about either of these litters, or to send a deposit,  call, text or email Nick at 314-954-5424 or nickmuckerman@hotmail.com. We are accepting deposits and have several already down. $150 holds a pick and generally our litters are mostly sold before they hit the ground. Puppies will be in Pocatello, Idaho. We currently have pups from this litter headed to Canada and five states.